Maxavision Revisited – discover the origins of VJ-ing

Peter RubinDiscover the amazing origins of VJ-ing and have a party at the same time! Saturday 17 February our VJs Frouke ten Velden and Lisa Derksen Castillo (VJ VISH) will give a lecture and performance on the Legendary Peter Rubin at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. There performance: Maxavision Revisited is the closing act for the Research Labs Festival.


About Peter Rubin
Peter (1941-2015), originally a New Yorker, was the absolute pioneer in live video art as early as the nineteen-seventies. He received wide acclaim as a performer and artist because of his work at many major film festivals. With ‘Maxavision’ he became a landmark of the early heydays of house music, e.g. at Chromapark, Berlin, Mayday, and legendary Love Parades. In Amsterdam, where he lived a large part of his live, he was one of the artists that made Mazzo such a legendary place.

Rubin returns to Amsterdam
Rubin at workLater on, Rubin was a guest lecturer at VjAcademy. After he passed away VjAcademy (part of has worked with the great staff of the EYE national film archive to preserve is work. Now for the first time, Frouke and Lisa will perform with his video material, using the original equipment – something unseen for about 25 years! After an introduction and demonstration, the VJs will perform at the closing party of the event.

The team
Frouke and Lisa are creating this showcase in collaboration with VjAcademy co-founder Daan Nolen (Sense Studios) and researchers of the EYE Archive. Mazzo veteran DJ Cellie will be the DJ , and also VJ Jayo Tony , ( This performance is made possible by the kind permission of the family of Peter Rubin and the generous lending of historic equipment by BeamSystems and BAKKER MEDIA .

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Post script: The aftermovie is here! (thank you, Lars, Lisa):