Looking back at our anniversary year

Happy 2017 everyone! Saying goodbye to 2016, let’s have a brief throwback-by-month of our VJ’s work:

  • January: Bikkelamsterdam.nl kicks off a year contract with Encore, the Number 1 Urban act in the Netherlands for (almost) weekly performances in their top level downtown club in Amsterdam.
  • February: VVision Impossible creates a stunning new dance show ‘Evolution’ for Artixium Ltd, who merged into the largest LED company in the world shortly thereafter.
  • March: The class of 2017 graduates with 5 beautiful and exciting installations.
  • April: Frouke, VISH, Eigengeis, Domi and Lars are working on new top productions in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
  • May: l’Accent Grave performs in dozens of theaters and a new batch VjAcademy students is selected in our annual competition. treedt aan. De meest gestoorde tot nu toe, en dat wil wat zeggen!
  • June: VJ Delight is our first Aircraft Jockey!
  • July-August: Veemee (e.g. Untold) and 3DJL reign in the festival season, VJs like VJ Flirt, VJ Jayo Tony Mike Faber, Thomas de Kruif and Ivo MulderOare at their sides. But nothing beats our own Boot Camp in Belgium …
  • September: Arts and Science Month! Frouke seals VjAcademy collaboration with EYE and Domi does another video production for the Ministry of Education.
  • October: Our VJ’s are by far the most frequently booked at ADE, thanks to Ank1.
  • November: VJ Sjush is the new darling of the Heineken Experience with 3 projects in eight weeks.
  • December: Our very own Believe Your Eyes VJ Festival iand 10 year anniversary celebration welcomes nearly 400 visitors.

…and this is just a taste of the approximately 800 projects and performances by our VJ’s our VJ last year. See you soon!


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