Today's wedding inspiration board features a small bit of every thing some preppy stripes and nation club drinks, soft, handmade
invitations and a few of our preferred colors that just function with each other so nicely navy, yellow and green. I also really feel
it's an additional 1 of these color combinations that speaks to me as common New England. When I see navy, green and yellow with each
other it reminds me from the green mountains of Vermont, the blue ocean of our coast, the white mountains of New Hampshire and also the
sunshine all about. See what I mean? Our inspiration for this board really began using the fairly yellow shoes. Oh, wedding guest dress how I adore these

Then it was the bridesmaids dress of a navy leading along with a green striped skirt gold prom dresses . So preppy and enjoyable, fairly as well! Now, I
do not suggest the yellow shoes for the bridesmaids; I'd favor some thing much more like a strappy navy heel, however the bride, now
she's the 1 to rock these fabulous yellow shoes! And speaking from the bride, do not her bright blue eyes just draw you into her heart?
:) Obviously, we adore the groom in his nearly denim blue vest using the ideal yellow tie and preppy striped shirt. 1 of my preferred
looks to get a groom is really a vest along with a crisp white shirt with rolled up sleeves so extremely attractive! I adore the
gorgeous invitation with its soft torn edging providing the appear of custom, handmade paper.

Lastly, unusual prom dresses we've a classic lemonade having a sprig of rosemary. Add a splash of spirit (vodka, maybe? ) and you have got an excellent
mixture 1 , perhaps even a wedding signature drink!Got to adore the navy, green and yellow an additional fantastic New England wedding
inspiration!Row 1: Bride captured by by way of   Groom s Attire captured by by way of   Wedding Invite by way of Row two: Yellow Shoes
captured by by way of   Bridesmaids Dress by way of   Meyer Lemonade by way of Colors: Apple Green, Classic Navy, Dewdrop White,
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purple prom dresses
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purple wedding dresses