Once a year, Veejays.com hosts an extensive introductory workshop at Sugarfactory in Amsterdam. This is a great way to get to know the business, the images and the equipment. The most talented participants are invited to strut their stuff during the VjAcademy Night, held at famous Amsterdam club Paradiso. The top five contestants are awarded a spot at our high-intensity VjAcademy… but that’s only the beginning! You’ll also get the chance to shadow professional VJs, who will teach you all there is to know and help you develop an act of your own.

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Ours is the oldest and most extensive education program for the Video Art & Performing discipline, also known as “VJing”. This creative division melds visual arts—specifically, the element of moving visual compositions—with performing arts: collaborating with other performers like dancers, actors, or musicians. Their goal: to showcase a work of art for a live audience. It’s a private, one-year program that admits five students annually, after a strict selection process. Those who make the cut often have a background in media, engineering, or the arts. Students receive weekly theoretical education about image creation, visual effects and composition. They also gain hands-on experience by contributing to performances like musicals, museum exhibitions, or concerts.

Is a one year education too long for you? We also offer single workshops for beginners and professionals. For schools and companies. Check out our workshops here.

For more information, visit wwww.VjAcademy.nl!