A Night of Love with ‘Broederliefde’

Last Saturday, our VJ group Veejays.com had the privilege to perform with ‘Broederliefde’ at their big concert in Rotterdam Ahoy. Broederliefde (Alaka, Mi no Lob) is one of the top Urban acts in the Netherlands.



What made this a special show for us was the atmosphere. Foremost, the chemistry between audience and singers was extremely warm, and the whole event was clearly meant as a treat /tribute to the fans. This group originated in the worst backstreets of Rotterdam, this concert was about celebrating and sharing dreams come true.


friends lost, love found

To help visualize these dreams, we embarked on a wonderful journey with the ‘Broeders’. In a super down-to-earth and playful way we stringed together the ups and downs of their hits. Friends lost, love found, origins rediscovered, new-found fame savoured, friendship tested and deepened. Also on the journey: the fine people of Tribe , The Good Guyz, Veemee Visuals (yo Gijs!), Light artist JJ, and many more.



Our urban specialist VJ Bikkel went all-out with this ensemble. He remixed clips, sculptured logo’s, even recreated videogames, and almost literally set the stage on fire (and had a lot of fun processing 200+ pics , straight from the band’s personal phones).


The essence in all this for us was: have fun creating work that you enjoy. Listen, do it together, play, and work really hard.