Keeping the stream alive: innovations in times of COVID-19

Our customers, our VJs and our audience have been missing each other during this ‘Corona spring’. As we’re all trying together to keep the virus in check, we’re also trying to find each other again. Live streams are  our ‘lifeline’ now and are watched by remarkable numbers of fans. Below our overview of great initiatives featuring VJs from our collective.

  • VJ Flirt was invited by United we Stream to let the stage shine at Club AIR.
  • The very same VJ Flirt teleported Olivier Heldens to EDC Las Vegas performing inside a virtual aquarium!
  • VJ Bikkel and mega DJ Chuckie (and friends) created an awesome liveshow mashup via Zoom and all social media: Partying apart together from your living room! See also here .
  • Veemee takes care of the visuals at the Quarantaine Sessions by DJ Dina van Diest on special locations. Now also as drive-in show for corporate parties.
  • Veemee als involved in a stream that earned a quarter of a million (!) viewers. This online edition of the legendary Intents festival, featured a beautiful ministage in the middle of a meadow – fireworks included!
  • Loud Audiovisuals and his friends built an entire live studio stage with lights, LED screens and all. Top notch DJs use it to stream concerts to their fans every week now in this Studio Shelter 
  • Visuals by Veemee and Ank1 are included in the great live concerts by DJ Misja Helsloot via the cool Twitch platform
  • Vision Impossible participates in We own the Night: Dutch cable companies KPN and Ziggo mass distribute speciale live sessies with an A list of EDM DJs, a very big screen with fans partying via Zoom and visuals by Vision Impossible.

Impressie of the Studio Shelter livesessies


A Night of Love with ‘Broederliefde’

Last Saturday, our VJ group had the privilege to perform with ‘Broederliefde’ at their big concert in Rotterdam Ahoy. Broederliefde (Alaka, Mi no Lob) is one of the top Urban acts in the Netherlands.



What made this a special show for us was the atmosphere. Foremost, the chemistry between audience and singers was extremely warm, and the whole event was clearly meant as a treat /tribute to the fans. This group originated in the worst backstreets of Rotterdam, this concert was about celebrating and sharing dreams come true.


friends lost, love found

To help visualize these dreams, we embarked on a wonderful journey with the ‘Broeders’. In a super down-to-earth and playful way we stringed together the ups and downs of their hits. Friends lost, love found, origins rediscovered, new-found fame savoured, friendship tested and deepened. Also on the journey: the fine people of Tribe , The Good Guyz, Veemee Visuals (yo Gijs!), Light artist JJ, and many more.



Our urban specialist VJ Bikkel went all-out with this ensemble. He remixed clips, sculptured logo’s, even recreated videogames, and almost literally set the stage on fire (and had a lot of fun processing 200+ pics , straight from the band’s personal phones).


The essence in all this for us was: have fun creating work that you enjoy. Listen, do it together, play, and work really hard.

An internship at

Hi, everybody! I’m Isabo Gorter and I followed my internship at

In this interview I look back at my internship here: the work, learning process and above all: how much fun it is to do an internship here!

What kind of work did you have to do?

My activities at this internship were very varied. First,  I managed the social media channels of This involves: writing attractive texts and looking for the right visuals material.

For example: on the right side an Instagram item that got a lot of likes because of a promotion!

You can also think of updating the website. Gathering content for gigs was sometimes part of my job. I had to do a few things for the show of Broederliefde. And finally (and most fun): writings blogs or making a vlog after visiting a gig. An example I’m proud of and which was nice also: my vlog at the concert of Snelle (spoken in Dutch).

What do you think you need in order to do an internship here?

The most important thing is that you have to be curious. Be curious about the things you are going to make, see and experience. And want to get to know the company as well. I don’t think that’s very difficult at Do you like music, images, parties and festivals? Then this company is the right place. It’s also important that you have an interest in media and marketing. And: dare to show your creativity, get out of your comfort zone and sometimes go outside beside office hours. 

What are the most important things you’ve learned?

An important things is knowing a lot better what I want for myself. It’s also nice to see how I got to know the company better and better. And because I understood everything better, things became easier and more fun automatically!

An item that I’ve been waiting for my entire internship and finally managed to publish:

How have you experienced the last few months? 

I have experienced my internship as an instructive and fun period, but sometimes also  difficult. In the first weeks, I noticed that the amount of work and long days were a little bit hard to handle. I wasn’t used to his and therefore often tired. Later on I got used to his because I knew how to divide my time. Furthermore, it was a periode I can look back on with great pleasure, my colleagues were very nice and I had found my place here.

What would you like to say to other potential interns?

Does this internship sound attractive to you? Apply! Are you hesitating? Apply and experience it with a visit. Not your thing? Let’s keep looking. Or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me (via at contact). 

But most of all: I wish you an instructive & fun time!

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Looking back on 2019

A flashback on a very successful year full of sparkling gigs, beautiful visuals and great collaborations.

You can see all our highlights of 2019 in this overview:

  • Mystic Garden festival: Sjush used her magic to summon all kinds of dream creatures at Mystic Garden on June 15th.
  • VjAcademy: Bram, Elcke, Eva, Jeroen and Mike graduated from the VjAcademy in June. Each made an exam piece about the Rembrandt year 2019 as an exam assignment.
  • Bar Mitswa:Lars Berg, FLirt and Ank1 created hot beach and theme visuals for a speial Bar Mitswa celebration. Ank1 was the spot-on VJ, operator and sometimes even DJ!
  • Oh My Festival: Ank1 and Bikkel were Vjing at the biggest urban festival in the Netherlands, held in Amsterdam last year: Oh My! A music festival in the field of hip-hop, R&B, House, dubstrep, trap and disco.
  • Glidesonic:  Last year VJ Vikingvisuals, Berry from Vision Impossible and 3DJL worked closely with Glidesonic to create crazy and funky visuals for their music videos
  • Gay Pride: Jayo provided the mainstage at the Dam Square with her colorful visuals during the Pride, where amsterdam was the place to celebrate diversity.
  • Leip X Rumag Festival: VJ Ank1 contributed to the LEIP XXX RUMAG festival by giving the students a sick show on the screens. Jayo was responsible for the visuals during Bizzey’s performance.
  • Green Challenge Award: Our Vj’s (Sjuch and VeeMee) were asked to visualize the urgent theme ‘climate crisis’ at the annual Green Challenge Award
  • Frenna: During ADE we were allowed to be part of one of the biggest ADE parties. Leading urban artist Frenna was partying in front of the live visuals of Bikkel. 
  • Asian Invasion: We sent our Asian specialist Jayo to mix a delicious night during ADE Asian Invasion on Sushisamba. Curious? 
  • Eday: Noralie designed the opening show for Eday in a fascinating cube with hologram cloth and lots of led. Sjush designed the intro’s at the event.  
  • Show ‘Van Mozart tot Madonna: VJ Frouke ten Velden worked closy with famous opera singer Tania Kross to create beautiful live visuals for her music.
  • Snelle: Jeroen Joosten was the VJ during the 24/7 tour of the famous rapper Snelle. He took care of the visuals on 7 editions in total.
  • Detty Rave: VJ Bikkel travelled to Accra Ghana to perform with visuals during the best festival on the African continent: Detty Rave.

Text: Isabo Gorter /

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VLOG: Trend: light festivals and theater tours – interview with VJ Noralie

VJ Noralie is one of our high-profile VJ’s, with a super recognizable and personal style. No wonder big light festivals and musicians know how to find her when they’re looking for something special. In this episode Noralie tells Isabo Gorter how to bring visuals and music together, and how to combine video projection and special buildings. With of course highlights from Noralie’s artwork!

For more information:

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VLOG: going on tour with MC Snelle

Our VJ Jeroen Joosten (with a one-off substitute from Jayo Tony) has been working on the 24/7 tour of Snelle last months. Snelle is one of the most successful Dutch rappers. For his 24th birthday, he released an album and toured along the most important music venues in the Netherlands and Belgium. His album is nominated for the best album by Edison Pop 2020. 

Our reporter Isabo Gorter was allowed to take a look behind the scenes at the show in the Melkweg. She recorded this evening so that everyone can taste the energy!

(This video is spoken in Dutch)


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A guest of Rembrandt

The Rembrandt year

2019 was a Rembrandt year and there is no better place to get to know Rembrandt than in the house where he lived and worked: the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. In the museum you can view his studio, bedroom and a collection of ores. Rembrandt was an innovator and experimented a lot. 


Therefore, the museum organized the Rembrandt Laboratory exhibition, about how Rembrandt discovered and applied new types of paint. This exhibition was central during the special VIP opening for the Bank Giro Loterij, sponsor of the museum. The Rembrandt House thought it was nice to welcome the VIP’s with a surprise…

A surprise

One of our most surprising artists at is Eigengeis. He experiments with paint as well, but then in the 21st century. In his own lab, Eigengeis mixes magnetic liquids and ink mixtures. When you hold a magnet to it, the mixture starts moving and swirling, creating images you’ve never seen before (watch this in the video below). Like a high-tech Rembrandt, Eigengeis demonstrated his installation in front of the VIP’s. 

Who is Eigengeis?

Eigengeis has also discovered that you can use vibrations of music, through the use of magnets in speakers, to make paint move. With this work he graduated from the VjAcademy. Eigengeis works as a VJ. He is a welcome performer in the Drum & Bass scene, where he mixes his digital experiments. He has his own party Tribe in his hometown Breda. 

The exhibition can be visited until the 16th February 2020 in the Rembrandt House. 

For more information:

Text: Isabo Gorter /

Lowlands 2019

Herfstblues? We dream away for a while with a look back at Lowlands 2019. Also with a splash of rain, but the visuals made the tents really hot. Nice that this festival also discovered the wow factor of LED screens, which made our VJ’s travel to Biddingshuizen this summer. This year there were four VJ’s of present at Lowlands! Tireless VJ Flirt was VJing all weekend for the Desperado-stage. 


On saturday VJ Frouke ten Velden, MY BABY’s own VJ, set the Bravo tent (almost) on fire with ‘her’ band. And VJ Bikkel broke of the Heineken stage for the second year. (The images are shaky, because the fissa was on…) With our long-time partner Encore Soundsystem existing (Waxfiend an Prime ft Abstract & many more). On Sunday, VJ Noralie was in the Bravo tent with Willem de Bruin and his show, called ‘Man in Distress’, designed by her and others.

Foto: Eyesupply

Check te impression below and see you next year!

VjAcademy exams – Rembrandtyear 2019

On Wednesday 5 June was the moment… the VjAcademy exams 2019. One year ago, 12 aspiring young Vjs in the final of our talent show in Paradiso. Bram, Elcke, Eva, Jeroen and Mike won and were admitted to the VjAcademy-training. The students were trained and coached a whole year by the best VJs and other experts from the box. The final piece: their masterpiece, a VJ project as exam work/performance

The exam theme: Rembrandt year 2019. This year Rembrandt died 350 years ago. Our young artists honoured the old master with the latest techniques, from VR to smoke & mirrors.

(This video is in Dutch)

Would you like to see all of the graduated videos from our VJ students? Click here below:

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VLOG: Video-show instead of blackboard

Workshop VJing for school kids

A welcome trend: schools sending their pupils on educational day trips to learn more about the technology of entertainment and digital media. Our VJs really enjoy telling the next generation about their work. And kids love being in control, trying to create their own first show.

Florien filmed this impression of a ‘VjAcademy On Tour’ workshop at cultural centre and concert hall DE KOM in Nieuwegein. The workshop was part of a culture day for students of Oosterlicht College. Coach of the day: our own VJ VISH.

Enjoy the vlog report:

(This video is in Dutch)

Would you like to know more about Lisa and her work as a VJ? Click here for the whole interview video with Lisa!

A warm thank you to DE KOM, the pupils and teachers of the Oosterlicht College and of course VJ VISH.

Would you like to learn more about the VjAcademy On Tour workshops? Check our website for more information.

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