An internship at

Hi, everybody! I’m Isabo Gorter and I followed my internship at

In this interview I look back at my internship here: the work, learning process and above all: how much fun it is to do an internship here!

What kind of work did you have to do?

My activities at this internship were very varied. First,  I managed the social media channels of This involves: writing attractive texts and looking for the right visuals material.

For example: on the right side an Instagram item that got a lot of likes because of a promotion!

You can also think of updating the website. Gathering content for gigs was sometimes part of my job. I had to do a few things for the show of Broederliefde. And finally (and most fun): writings blogs or making a vlog after visiting a gig. An example I’m proud of and which was nice also: my vlog at the concert of Snelle (spoken in Dutch).

What do you think you need in order to do an internship here?

The most important thing is that you have to be curious. Be curious about the things you are going to make, see and experience. And want to get to know the company as well. I don’t think that’s very difficult at Do you like music, images, parties and festivals? Then this company is the right place. It’s also important that you have an interest in media and marketing. And: dare to show your creativity, get out of your comfort zone and sometimes go outside beside office hours. 

What are the most important things you’ve learned?

An important things is knowing a lot better what I want for myself. It’s also nice to see how I got to know the company better and better. And because I understood everything better, things became easier and more fun automatically!

An item that I’ve been waiting for my entire internship and finally managed to publish:

How have you experienced the last few months? 

I have experienced my internship as an instructive and fun period, but sometimes also  difficult. In the first weeks, I noticed that the amount of work and long days were a little bit hard to handle. I wasn’t used to his and therefore often tired. Later on I got used to his because I knew how to divide my time. Furthermore, it was a periode I can look back on with great pleasure, my colleagues were very nice and I had found my place here.

What would you like to say to other potential interns?

Does this internship sound attractive to you? Apply! Are you hesitating? Apply and experience it with a visit. Not your thing? Let’s keep looking. Or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me (via at contact). 

But most of all: I wish you an instructive & fun time!

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