VjAcademy exams – Rembrandtyear 2019

On Wednesday 5 June was the moment… the VjAcademy exams 2019. One year ago, 12 aspiring young Vjs in the final of our talent show in Paradiso. Bram, Elcke, Eva, Jeroen and Mike won and were admitted to the VjAcademy-training. The students were trained and coached a whole year by the best VJs and other experts from the box. The final piece: their masterpiece, a VJ project as exam work/performance

The exam theme: Rembrandt year 2019. This year Rembrandt died 350 years ago. Our young artists honoured the old master with the latest techniques, from VR to smoke & mirrors.

(This video is in Dutch)

Would you like to see all of the graduated videos from our VJ students? Click here below:

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