Looking back on 2019

A flashback on a very successful year full of sparkling gigs, beautiful visuals and great collaborations.

You can see all our highlights of 2019 in this overview:

  • Mystic Garden festival: Sjush used her magic to summon all kinds of dream creatures at Mystic Garden on June 15th.
  • VjAcademy: Bram, Elcke, Eva, Jeroen and Mike graduated from the VjAcademy in June. Each made an exam piece about the Rembrandt year 2019 as an exam assignment.
  • Bar Mitswa:Lars Berg, FLirt and Ank1 created hot beach and theme visuals for a speial Bar Mitswa celebration. Ank1 was the spot-on VJ, operator and sometimes even DJ!
  • Oh My Festival: Ank1 and Bikkel were Vjing at the biggest urban festival in the Netherlands, held in Amsterdam last year: Oh My! A music festival in the field of hip-hop, R&B, House, dubstrep, trap and disco.
  • Glidesonic:  Last year VJ Vikingvisuals, Berry from Vision Impossible and 3DJL worked closely with Glidesonic to create crazy and funky visuals for their music videos
  • Gay Pride: Jayo provided the mainstage at the Dam Square with her colorful visuals during the Pride, where amsterdam was the place to celebrate diversity.
  • Leip X Rumag Festival: VJ Ank1 contributed to the LEIP XXX RUMAG festival by giving the students a sick show on the screens. Jayo was responsible for the visuals during Bizzey’s performance.
  • Green Challenge Award: Our Vj’s (Sjuch and VeeMee) were asked to visualize the urgent theme ‘climate crisis’ at the annual Green Challenge Award
  • Frenna: During ADE we were allowed to be part of one of the biggest ADE parties. Leading urban artist Frenna was partying in front of the live visuals of Bikkel. 
  • Asian Invasion: We sent our Asian specialist Jayo to mix a delicious night during ADE Asian Invasion on Sushisamba. Curious? 
  • Eday: Noralie designed the opening show for Eday in a fascinating cube with hologram cloth and lots of led. Sjush designed the intro’s at the event.  
  • Show ‘Van Mozart tot Madonna: VJ Frouke ten Velden worked closy with famous opera singer Tania Kross to create beautiful live visuals for her music.
  • Snelle: Jeroen Joosten was the VJ during the 24/7 tour of the famous rapper Snelle. He took care of the visuals on 7 editions in total.
  • Detty Rave: VJ Bikkel travelled to Accra Ghana to perform with visuals during the best festival on the African continent: Detty Rave.

Text: Isabo Gorter / Veejays.com

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