A guest of Rembrandt

The Rembrandt year

2019 was a Rembrandt year and there is no better place to get to know Rembrandt than in the house where he lived and worked: the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. In the museum you can view his studio, bedroom and a collection of ores. Rembrandt was an innovator and experimented a lot. 


Therefore, the museum organized the Rembrandt Laboratory exhibition, about how Rembrandt discovered and applied new types of paint. This exhibition was central during the special VIP opening for the Bank Giro Loterij, sponsor of the museum. The Rembrandt House thought it was nice to welcome the VIP’s with a surprise…

A surprise

One of our most surprising artists at Veejays.com is Eigengeis. He experiments with paint as well, but then in the 21st century. In his own lab, Eigengeis mixes magnetic liquids and ink mixtures. When you hold a magnet to it, the mixture starts moving and swirling, creating images you’ve never seen before (watch this in the video below). Like a high-tech Rembrandt, Eigengeis demonstrated his installation in front of the VIP’s. 

Who is Eigengeis?

Eigengeis has also discovered that you can use vibrations of music, through the use of magnets in speakers, to make paint move. With this work he graduated from the VjAcademy. Eigengeis works as a VJ. He is a welcome performer in the Drum & Bass scene, where he mixes his digital experiments. He has his own party Tribe in his hometown Breda. 

The exhibition can be visited until the 16th February 2020 in the Rembrandt House. 

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Text: Isabo Gorter / Veejays.com